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Where Eagles Fly  by Don Ford

Much of his poetry and writing is accompanied by art work. He claims it helps to tell his stories better. Look for him in FanArtReview showing a few of his own pieces. 

Recently, he won first place for November 2009 in a Portuguese Book Club short story contest. His story "Three Close Friends" was read on Nov. 1st in Portugal to their book club and went out to 3000 members in over fifty countries. 

The Shine Journal selected Moonlit Nights for their October 2009 on-line magazine. 

Author Notes: 

I am a storyteller from the word go. Some of it is real and some of it is imagined. My goal is to entertain, maybe turn a few smiles right side up. An artist from my youth, I write and paint in different colors. Cheers. 

He has won several on line contests. The contest submission Your Friend and Partner was the first place winner in the contest .

Light of the Moon was the first place winner in the contest .




A Writer, Poet, Storyteller comes to Call

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As the name implies, he writes with a down-home flavor. Nature and conservation are popular topics with him. He writes in many genres. He is known for his poetry and story telling. Short stories are his favorite form of writing. To date he has sold numerous short stories to magazines across the U.S. Most have their roots in nature - of course. Recently he was invited to be his town's Poet Laureate.