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Coffee is always on and the door to his place is always ajar.

Here we have a well published writer who would like you to follow him as an ARTIST as well.  See his Portfolio.  He uses his art and poetry to both tell stories.  His bright pictures will surprise you.

Don would like you to join him in his storytelling world.  He uses poems and short stories to tell his true stories as well as his imagined ones.  Much of the art depicted here is of a digital nature and has a story connected to it.

As a Native American Storyteller, the environment holds a special place here for the author. By the time the reader has finished these stories he/she will know how to hug a tree. Some may venture out into the forest for the first time and discover a new world in their own backyard.

Join your forest friends; they'll be waiting for you. 

      Trail       in

   the Woods